As a founder of Hey Harry, Michael’s duties include everything from strategy to ideation to execution of Movements, but chief among his passions is scouring that big book of words (sometimes referred to as the dictionary) and choosing just the right ones to suit the expression of any thought – no matter how big or small. He has been known to choose those words in several languages, French and Italian among them. And though a picture may indeed be worth a thousand words, Michael would much rather choose and use the many words than labor over the single image.
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Mazda, Suzuki Motorcycles, Acura, Nissan, Audi, Volkswagen
Keith’s, Labatt, Wine Makers of California
Levi Strauss, Mossimo, Ann Cole of California, Stanfield’s, Charles David Shoes
Universal Pictures, VCR Plus
USWest, Bell Aliant- Corporate, Major Client, Residential & Mobility, Quantum (Bermuda)
Glendale Federal Bank, Royal and Sunalliance, Maritime Life, CAA/Liberty Health,
The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
Dole, Chevron Pro-Care, NovaScotian Crystal, Coca Cola, Maple Leaf Foods
HealthNet HMO
CAA, California Tourism, Nova Scotia Tourism, Newfoundland Tourism, Newfound
International Resorts
Nova Scotia Economic Development
California Lottery, Atlantic Lottery Corporation
McDonald’s, JustUs Fair Trade Coffee
Volkswagen, McDonald’s, MT&T, Sweet Jane’s
ITI, Nova Scotia Community College, Acadia University

Michael’s Client Experience


After a long academic career in fields as far reaching as stage design and molecular biology, I headed west in ’86, where I discovered my true calling was in advertising. And although I dabbled in filmmaking and screenwriting (it is a prerequisite to residency in the State of California to have written at least the first 30 pages of a screenplay), I always returned to advertising because of my love for its immediacy, its problem-solving nature, and my short attention span.

This was a great 10 years of my career, working with and for some of the best creative people in the world, when advertising was still populated by misfits and malcontents, all free-thinking and fearless. Those were some of the best years in this business, but hey, the night is still young and what was old is new again.

After gigs at some of the best multi-national and boutique agencies in the Golden State, I was recruited to Nova Scotia to take up the visual helm at CCL, the largest regional agency on the east coast of Canada. Can you say, “culture shock?” After 5 years there, I took over the creative helm of MT&L and we swept the inaugural iteration of the ICE Awards. Soon after, I started my own agency, porkpie hat, as successful venture that made me yearn, once again, for a global stage.

After twenty-two years in this crazy business, I still love it enough to try to reinvent it every day.

AWARDS – I have not won enough awards in my career, mostly because I don’t eat all of my vegetables – but I am not dead yet. Still, I have managed to win Gold at Cannes once, and at the Clios and Cassies twice, and I have appeared in the One Show, Marketing, London Internationals and the New York Art Directors, as well as Communication Arts, Lurzers Archive and AdCritic on more than a few occasions.

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