IDS, a worldwide media network specializing in the doctor’s waiting room environment, needed to reframe their business for a digital world where brochures were losing impact and other avenues to the same audience were on the rise. The key was in understanding that the medium was not the sacred cow, but rather it was the unfettered and highly credible access to this valuable and captive audience. The solution was to refocus the value equation away from the medium and on to the relationship with the consumer, which would ultimately create more and lasting demand to a wider pool of health-focused advertisers. We rebranded the program how’, and engaged consumers in a multi-lateral, multi-media integrated conversation on health-related issues –  a conversation to which the company could then charge advertisers admission.


Introduce the idea, in situ


Provide a mechanism for acting


Provide a vehicle to port the experience beyond the initial arena of engagement


Create a forum through which to grow the story


Make it personal (we are, after all, people)


Start evangelizing beyond the existing, captive marketplace