Buckler, a NY-based men’s house, was struggling in the recession. The outward signs all read 40% Off, but that was just a foot in the door to the bigger opportunity – how to use the current economic situation to create link between a me-too brand and a customer base that was suddenly more aware, and willing to engage in that relationship. We created Buckler Works, a unique program that engaged customers in the company’s philanthropic bent, focusing on their core line: jeans. When a customer bought a pair of jeans, 5 pairs of specially-designed Works jeans were donated for use in charitable works. Through a unique serial number, the customer could interact with the company and the charities, selecting the charity of his choice to receive the jeans and then following them on their journey. After 6 months, the jeans were returned to Buckler for exchange, and charity auctions.


Buckler – Movement Case Study from Hey Harry Worldwide on Vimeo.

Telling the story starts with the the most basic of on-the-street word of mouth.

The hub of Buckler Works, a website/social platform where customers, field workers, and the company can all interact.

Telling the story - in ads, on hang tags, in storefronts and with the product itself.